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100TB VPS Automation

Oversee Each Moves of your 100TB Virtual Servers!

A Single WHMCS Module to handle all the Activities of your Virtual Servers of 100TB. Get all One-click Options to control over your Web Services.

Yearly License
starts @ € 39.99€ 20.00

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  • Module Version: v4.4

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  • Supports WHMCS V7.7.x

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100TB VPS Automation.

Are You a Reseller of 100TB and looking for All-in-one Suite?
WHMCSModule introducing User-friendly Automation Module for 100TB VPS. All the Resellers of 100TB will now get to handle the Owned VPS Servers and monitor them 24/7. Special Features For Server Admin and Clients will make it Different from other automation modules.

  • WHMCS Version 7.7.x or higher
  • IonCude Loaders
  • Module License Key
  • 100TB API Key
100TB VPS Automation


100TB is the worlds famous dedicated server provider and we are happy to announce that we have created an module called 100TB VPS Automation module i.e if you are a reseller of 100TB then using this module your customer's can able to manage their VPS from your WHMCS panel. The module is developed based on 100TB API for Virtual Private server automation for WHMCS.

Remarkable Features of 100TB VPS Automation WHMCS Module :

  • Both Admin and Client has Complete Access on VPS to Power On/Off, Reboot, View Assigned IPs, Setup RDNS, Reinstall VPS, monitor Resources.
  • Admin Owes Some Special Controls like VPS Terminations, Suspend/Unsuspend, VPS Import and so on.
  • Both Admin and Client have access to view Datatraffic Graph, VPS Login Information, Bandiwdth Overuse Notification.
  • Admins can block/unblock IP address access, can control services like OS Installation/Reboot etc if you are providing the service as managed
  • Have group policy inplace i.e if a staff member does not belongs to a specific group then they wont view VPS Information from product view page

Pick your Best 100TB VPS Automation WHMCS Module

Annually License

100TB VPS Automation WHMCS Module comes with Annually license. Business with One Domain Can use This Module. All the Best Plugins are updated and Enabled to match the Business requirements.

Owned License


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There is No Refund Policy applied on the module license whether it's onetime or yearly payment.

If you are facing any issue on the module installation, you can open a ticket with us or if you have any query or you are not sure about this module, you can email us or talk to us via our live chat.

Also we would like to say that the modules are developed based on WHMCS latest version so we will not be supporting LTS version of WHMCS

Module Purchase is Restricted for Websites Using Nulled WHMCS.

Nulled WHMCS users will be considered as a Fraud. Signup with Valid Email ID from your Top Level Domain.

An Order Confirmation mail will be Sent to your Email ID. Once the Mail is verified the Order will be proceeded, Otherwise Order will be deleted without notice.

Supports latest stable version of WHMCS v7.7.x with PHP v7.1 and 7.2